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Cân điện tử dùng cho nông trại

Nhà sản xuất Rice Lake

Khả năng cân: từ 30Kg đến 500Kg
Độ chính xác: từ 10g đến 100g

Rice Lake Farm Bars
At a Glance
Our load cells - the heart of every system - are constructed of rugged steel with precision bearing components balanced and calibrated at the factory for years of worry-free performance.
In Depth
Load bar weighing systems are complete weighing systems. From accurate load cells to standard and specialized platforms, every aspect of a load bar system has been carefully designed and constructed to meet your requirements.
Each pair of load bars are the electric equivalent to one 350 ohm bridge. They are factory calibrated to a standardized output. On-site calibration is not normally required. Units come pre-wired and assembled. No summation box is required and the system may be used with any standard indicator.
Each load bar has built in horizontal checking and unique flex bases to ensure accurate weights in the roughest conditions. In fact “U Series” load bars will take 10 times the shock load of a shear beam cell. If you have a tough weighing problem, give us a call. If one of our many weighing systems doesn’t already meet your requirements we can engineer one that will.
Most load bars may be ordered in various lengths beside the standard lengths shown on the technical info tab. Standard mounting holes are provided but special mounting brackets may be ordered.

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Email: truongthinh@candientu.vn

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1 Điện thoại   (028) 6259 3018
2 Hotline 1   091 138 6116
3 Hotline 2   091 373 0819
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